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Our Company In Dubai WETEX. Makes a Great Success

In mid-april, We travelled  to dubai to attend WETEX. and made a complete success.

The exhibition is the world's largest hydropower energy exhibition by far, it is hosted by dewa,which is dubai's highest energy commission. The exhibition’s area is 35000 square meters, the participants reach 1015, they are from the gulf region and China, Germany, France, Poland, Britain, Italy, Italy, South Korea and other 38 countries and regions, the exhibition area of China is nearly 2000 square meters.

In the exhibition, buyers from all over the world show the deep interest in our products, and give high praise of our high-precision products. Many purchasers warmly discussed with us, and exchange business CARDS, take photos each other friendly before leaving.

Through this exhibition, we can get to know many potential customers in the most efficient and  direct way , face-to-face communicate with customers, and truly demonstrate the products’ advantage of our company, thus expand our profile.

The exhibition will undoubtedly opened a new chapter for us to explore the overseas market .